Meet the Youth Pastor

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Pastor Joemel Delossantos was born October 9, 1990 in the San Diego area.

He was raised in a Christian home, by his father, Deacon Joel Delossantos, and his mother, a Sunday School teacher, Emily Delossantos. His family had attended First Baptist Church ever since it was known as the First Filipino Baptist Church of San Diego in 1990.

In 2008, Pastor Joemel went to West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster California, where he was called into full time ministry. Since then, he interned at his home church every summer, until he was offered a job as youth pastor upon graduation.

In 2012, He graduated West Coast and became the official Youth Pastor working directly under Pastor Rhyjob, overseeing various ministries, with an emphasis on youth and children.

In 2016, He became engaged to be married to Annalyn Tagadtad and is planning to be married in the fall of 2018.